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When selling a business it is imperative to employ a structured auction process in order to identify the most appropriate purchaser and obtain a maximum value.

Milton Capital Partners specializes in businesses with cash flow of between $1 million and $20 million across a variety of industries. The business sale process we employ is designed to generate a structured auction process among multiple purchasers, ensuring a maximum value is obtained, the right buyer is chosen, and the best deal structure is obtained for our client.

If you are considering selling your business and are interested in better understanding the business sale process or would like to understand what a valuation range for your business would be, feel free to contact us.
• Companies with $1 million to $20 million of cash flow
• Develop and manage a structured auction process
• Approach prospective purchasers across North America   and globally
• Select most appropriate purchaser and obtain maximum   value
• Negotiate most attractive deal structure for the vendor

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