Milton Capital Partners

Capital Markets Advisory  
Managing Partner | CA

Martin has a broad accounting, financial, portfolio and capital
markets background, which he brings to Milton Capital Partners as its co-founder. He has been involved in auditing, tax planning and debt restructuring on behalf of both creditors and debtors.

On behalf of several creditor banks, he played instrumental roles in restructure billions in distressed and defaulted debt, in Europe and North America. As a banker, he was responsible for relationship management of several multi-national public companies, and was involved in the debt and equity issues of several Fortune 500 corporations.


Martin’s recent accomplishments include several IPOs, and treasury equity issues of Canadian listed companies, the development of takeover defence strategies, acquisitions and capital market advisory mandates.

Martin has a BBA and is a Chartered Accountant, as well as accreditation from UBC for real estate financing.

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